Tombstone surfboards was established in 1989 when shaper Dan Kinnaird and all round waterman Ian Black got together in their quest to produce a stronger, lighter surfboard. One of the first even on a global scale to really experiment with epoxy surfboards and carbon laminates, Tombstone surfboards were not only built to last but also way ahead of their time. With Ian's brother Martin acting as test pilot on the WQS tour, Tombstone surfboards rapidly became one of the highest tech surfboards around with perhaps unrivalled strength to weight ratios. Virtually all the 'new' epoxy technolgies that have now become so popular have, at some stage, been built into a Tombstone surfboard!

In the past Tombstone offered a purely custom only service which was quite unique as you could customise not only the shape of your board but also discuss in great detail the strength and weight that you required. With the increase in demand needing to be met, Tombstone now offers the option of an 'off-the-rack' production epoxy which Ian has spent years of R & D getting to the point where he is happy with the balance of performance, durability, appearance and price. You can view our current range of stock shapes here.

Tombstone surfboards as a business has expanded over the years and now boasts a huge showroom packed full of not only surfboards but all your surfing and watersports needs. With that said Ian's passion has always been board building and this will never change. He is always looking for ways to improve on technology and production methods in his quest to build the best surfboard on the planet!